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Thank you for visiting the website of Bapak Waleed and the International Silat Federation of Indonesia and America (ISF). We are dedicated to upholding the principles and systems of traditional Silat as embodied by Silat Tuo, Silat Minangkabau, and Silat Tradisional and as practiced in the birthplace of Silat, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This lineage is great, tracing its roots back nearly 1,500 years. The Minangkabau people of West Sumatra have preserved the heritage and the Pusako throughout the generations up until today.

This site is intended to be informative, but in reality, Silat is something to be experienced. We invite those sincere seekers to contact Bapak Waleed directly, or through the ISFA email below.

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On Tuesday, October 14, Yale University will celebrate the 313th anniversary of its founding (October 9, 1701), with a new celebration “Founder’s Day“. Founder’s Day will include community-wide open house activities at the Yale museums and art galleries, as well as special open houses around campus. While most activities will take place in the mid-day and early afternoon, celebrations will continue on Cross Campus from 4:30-6pm.  All faculty, staff, and students are invited!



Night of Gamelan at the Museum

Thursday night, the Yale Suprabanggo Gamelan (“Indonesian Orchestra”) enchanted crowds of visitors to the Yale Art Gallery with a performance of traditional music from Central Java, Indonesia. Led by Maho Ishiguro, the group of Yale undergraduate and graduate students, community members, and visitors from nearby Wesleyan University played several pieces, including with vocal accompaniment, that are meant to welcome people to events and also meant to accompany traditional Javanese dance performances. Curator of the Indo-Pacific Art CollectionRuth Barnes, gave a brief introduction and after an initial selection of music, led the audience through the Indo-Pacific gallery and the special exhibit focusing on monumental art from “East of the Wallace Line.”

Special guest Bapak Sumarsam from Wesleyan joined the ensemble, as did Indriyo Sukmono, Senior Lector of Indonesian Language Studies in the Yale Council for Southeast Asia Studies.  The Wesleyan Gamelan also has several upcoming performances, including on November 22 and December 4, both to be held in the World Music Hall on campus in Middletown.

Please browse the images below for pictures of the musical event, the audience filling the Indo-Pacific Art Collection to hear about the works, and photos of Bapak Waleed in attendance, congratulating both Bapak Sumarsam and Indriyo Sukmono.

Last Wednesday, one of Yale’s premiere dance groups, the YaleDancers, invited Bapak Waleed to give them an introduction to Traditional Indonesian Dance.  Always interested in broadening their repertoire, even in the direction of more traditional movements, the dancers tried some basic stepping movements and patterns based in Silat Tuo, the traditional movement arts of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia.  The evening opened with a few minutes of video footage from a traditional Sumatran dance group as well as archival footage from a performance at the University of Michigan in which Bapak Waleed led his students in Tari Piring, or the “Candle & Plate Dance,” along with improvisational free-flow Kembangan, “Flower Dance.”  Bapak Waleed led the dancers in basic platform position and trailing leg movements, as well as sweeping step movements combined with coordinated hand movements.  Throughout, he explained the significance of the movements for balance, alignment of the joints, and even injury prevention and healing.  Afterward, everyone sat to practice the coordinated hand movements, and ground work meant to loosen stiff muscles, tone joints, and improve mobility and balance in movement on the floor.  In demonstrating with several of the dancers, Bapak Waleed added an element of interactive ‘play’ into the evening, as well as insight into applications of the movements for self defense…

Below are a few images from the evening, as well as archived event photos from Bapak Waleed’s visit to the YaleDancers in early 2006…

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September is Hunger Action Month!


September is National Hunger Action Month, with the Connecticut Food Bank and New Haven’s own Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen participating in raising awareness.  If you missed our recent trip to the Soup Kitchen, but would like to join us for our evenings of service, please let us know.  The time commitment is short, but the benefits of the experience will remain with you…

ACES Educational Center for the Arts


Situated in the heart of New Haven’s Audubon Arts district, the Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) provides a unique opportunity for high school students from around the New Haven region and state to pursue their budding artistic interests and talents while still in high school. ECA students come from “sending schools” spread throughout 30 different school districts around the state. While their mornings are spent at their sending schools, ECA’s nearly 300 students spend afternoons 4 days a week at the facilities on Audubon Street, where they dive deeply into music, visual arts, theater, dance, and creative writing.  ECA is one of the schools in the ACES network, the Area Cooperative Educational Services serving south central Connecticut.